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Website Development is a term that is broadly used to describe a process of technically building website. This is a term used for the work elaborated in developing a website or a webpage for the Internet or WWW i.e. World Wide Web or sometimes an intranet or a small private business network.

It is specifically known as developing the static single page that is comprised of plain text to the most composite web-based Internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. A more comprehensive list of errands to which This is related includes website designing, web content development, search engine optimization, client liaison and several network security conformations and e-commerce advancement.

Website Development

Our mission

REVOLUTION INFOTECH is named one of the top notch website development companies in India that offers website designing as well as Website development by considering all the relevant aspects of the search engine along with Search Engine optimization and Social Media Optimization. Here at REVOLUTION INFOTECH, we strive to develop a website by taking both the relevant aspects into consideration.

Blueprint of our Tactical Functioning

The entire Website designing and Website development execution of these digital business centres is dynamic, user-friendly and extremely time-critical. We match certain demands and offer an efficient proposal that successfully covers following intentions.

  • 1 Executing Functional Planning : Here we educate on your existing business model for its digital interface in the world of Internet.
  • 2 Strategic planning : It is the area where we lay out the complex plot for placing your system demands in order in this electronic age of the world.
  • 3 Third party solutions : Herein we perform integration of various third party areas like credit, logistics, inspection etc. into the system to guarantee suave functioning of the parallel commercial activity.
  • 4 A Partnering Phase : Here we take your e-business on the journey of manifestation through various phases like architecture Website designing, Website development, analysis, launch and post-launch tests.
  • 5 Turn-key services : Wherein we undertake entire projects on consultancy or in-house agency basis projects that demand optimum attention.

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The stakes of the entire exercise stand sternly on the robust and incomparable technological strengths of our experts who strongly advocates for using urbane technology tools that enables high performance on low costs like PHP4 and MYSQL. These raised platforms are favoured for their competence and cost-effectiveness. The web developer team is also well versed in creating a Website development program that is based on the widespread open source web programming language like PHP with Open source database like MySQL and many others.

Key Services we offer

  • 1Customized shopping cart with a dazzling facility to accept online payments using Net-Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card options with a safe and secure payment gateway. A dynamic site with database to deliver online statistics.
  • 2A dynamic site with database to deliver online statistics.
  • 3Expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Java Script and other languages.

Why do you prefer us?

  • 1 We provide Low cost, high performance Website development within the predefined time limit.
  • 2 We perform Website Designing and Website Development of a simple HTML to communicating websites with Database management systems.
  • 3 We offer a Choice of JSP, PHP and JavaScript.
  • 4 We customize Open Source Database MySQL.
  • 5 We owe an army of qualified developers with unrivalled technical knowhow.
  • 6 We help grow base of prominent customers from miscellaneous fields
  • 7 We relish mastery over payment gateways and e-commerce enabled websites.
  • 8 Being one of the most renowned Website development companies in Mumbai, we have the competency to convert your dream to realty.
  • 9 Our assured on time deliveries help you achieve your business targets.
  • 10 We also offer after sales service, we help you even after your company website is launched with our Web Site Maintenance services.
  • 11 We, REVOLUTION INFOTECH have chronically developed and presented numerous amounts of static, animated and collaborating web sites in diverse categories such as Hotels, Service Sectors, Industries, various Gymnasium Equipment, Commercial web-site, Resorts, Electrical and Electronics products etc.
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Merits of our services

• From the Web Development to its maintenance, we provide virtually anything you can possibly imagine of whether it is a basic catalogue sites with shopping cart that exhibits payment gateway ready to accept online payment, or other backend services.
• We feel immensely proud in announcing our integrated Web Development program as a structure commissioned to offer expert sustenance from the very first day your website comes into existence. The entire Website development and Website designing execution of digital professional centres is a dynamic, user-friendly and extremely time-critical process.
• It is evident sometimes that while developing a website many companies disregard a search engine from consideration. But we create a website for user as well as for the search engine. Both the aspects must be taken care of as our end user is the client or the guest and not the search engine.
• When our expert professionals develop a website it is seen that the website is error free. The most of the websites on Internet looks very professional and attractive, but they often lack the accurateness. For getting placed at a higher rank in the search engine’s results page, it is very significant that the website should be free from errors.
• From the Website designing to its final implementation, our experts work extremely hard to maintain the flow of properly coding your website.


We at REVOLUTION INFOTECH focus on many aspects of handling a website project smartly by Website designing the soul of a website or its delicate stream of information. We work hard to ensure convincible Website designing and its user compatibility by running current tests to grasp customer feedback. We indulge extravagant effort in creating a marvellous website that not only attract readers but also retain potential clients or users. A successfully growing business of our clients is a win-win situation from our point of view. To help them set unparalleled benchmarks is the only task our organization ace at. We are here for your help and support. Hence we promise to abide by the ethics we follow with utter boldness to offer noble amenity in lifting your website to the pinnacles of recognition.


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