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REVOLUTION INFOTECH a SEO company is well versed with the concept of SEO and having team who are well qualified, experienced and have a better know how of seo tactics. We offer seo services which includes PPC, SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketing etc... We are working with MNC’s and other private companies for their brand and Products having more than 100 clients in India and we are also working with International Clients. We fulfill all our client requirements and keep them happy with our commitment and dedication towards our work. Our work is result oriented we have never failed on delivering our commitments.

Search Engine optimization is an electrifying technique to prioritize the visibility of a webpage in a popular search engine’s organic results by deliberately pushing the website to No.1 position. SEO, a popular acronym for Search Engine Optimization is a tool that undergoes wanting effort to junction the traffic at desired website that is organically surged from Search engines.

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Why is search engine optimization necessary?

Today, in this advanced age of information; Internet is the best source for communication, entertainment, knowledge or a product service. A report from a reliable website indicates that approximately 400 million web searches end up every day across the globe. Studies and researches have concluded that a website is retrieved by the user only if it manages to land up on first three pages from the countless search result pages. To be more precise, most clicks end up only on top 2-3 search results on the first page.This has led to the materializing of an obnoxiously competitive atmosphere that encircles our hemispheres of our unmatched urge to survive digitally. We help you in achieving this objective successfully.

A successful business strategy

In our current society, to establish a successful online business, optimization is the key to success. Without search engine optimization, your website will be out-thrown by competitors that have well-structured content, are user friendly and are magnificently optimized. A website can only be optimized and made visible when it is well ranked and positioned on the first page of search engine results. You can rely on us for the same and have a top ranking website.

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An Insight into Search Engines

Search engines are designed for internet users to seek desired information. They provide wide-ranging applications and tools for several purposes like advertisement, search engine optimization and information.Search engine optimization depends a lot upon the website development factors because if the website is not developed well enough according to search engine guidelines, it cannot be optimized well for search engines. For example, Google, Bing and Yahoo being the 3 most prominent search engines in the world account for driving a majority of traffic over internet. If your website does not obey the SEO guidelines of respective Search Engine, then it could not be found by search engines also it may not be indexed well. Search engines use complex mathematical algorithms to guess which websites a user seeks.

Categories of Optimizations that we offer

Search engine optimization is broken down to two basic areas known as follows:

1.On-page optimization : It refers to the website elements that comprise an HTML code, images or textual content. Let us peep into the world of On-page Optimization by studying
following few prompting code optimization techniques.

  • An Eye Catchy Title around 55-70 characters to boost up Click Through rate (CTR).
  • Eminent Meta keywords tags that offers additional keywords usage.
  • Brilliant heading Tags to attract attention
  • Bold Keywords Tweaking for likely results
  • Efficient Breadcrumb trails to ease website directory structure understanding ability
A static Directory/Link structure for competent search optimization

2. Off-page optimization : While, off-page optimization refers predominantly to the factors exhibits an outcome on your website ranking in organic search results directly related with external circumstances. These are namely website’s history and Links-back (outbound links) to the website.

  • Link popularity : It combinely manipulates all relevant back-links like Blogs, RSS feeds etc. and content relevancy of website to yours.Link Building, Reciprocal linking, is a vital element that helps improve website’s link popularity, divert
  • traffic towards your website and ultimately improves your search engine ranking.
  • Google SEO tools : Google webmaster, Google trend, Google keyword Tool etc. are some real trendy search engine tools
  • Rich Site Summary (RSS feeds) : Using RSS could ease your effort of adding fresh content to your website as the article feeds are needed to update regularly. Feeds include entries such as headline, summaries, excerpts, articles, links to Web content and XML tags. RSS pokes their users about any update of their favorite blog or websites.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) : It is a prolific marketing tool that is devised to venture attraction from potential visitors or clients to encourage buying of a product or service.

We offer the most effective search engine optimization technique for your business enhancement.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

According to the purpose of your website, we have the following techniques for SEO:
1. White hat SEO : White hat SEO technique proudly secures vacancy in the good books of popular search engines.They not only stick to the guidelines, but also ensure that the content a search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is the very content a user will perceive. White hat SEO is in voluminous ways alike to web development that stimulates accessibility. White hat advice is generally summed up as creating content for users, not for search engines, and then making that content easily accessible to the spiders.
2. Black hat SEO : It is coined as ‘The Evil twin’ in the language of search engines. It endeavours to improve rankings in disapproving ways the search engines exhibits by involving deception. Black Hat SEO implements malevolent website ranking optimization techniques that violate the search engine optimization law. Black hat SEO techniques do so by including the use of hidden words and links that are opaque to the users in attempt to trick search engines. If a website runs these Black hat SEO techniques, they are liable to get penalized.
3. Grey hat SEO : It is a technique that is sandwiched between the White hat and the black one. It does not produce best content for the users but cunningly efforts to avoid the site being penalized. A deprivation of rank in the index is inevitable if a website happen to undergo such a malpractice.

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Glance at Current Marketing Strategy

SEO is not always an appropriate strategy for each and every website, other Internet marketing strategy like paid advertising through pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be more selective depending on the website operator's aims. For a successful Internet marketing, crusade depends upon structuring high quality web pages to occupy and coax readers, to set up analytics programs to enable site owners to calculate results, and to improve a site's viewer’s conversion rate. Getting all our facts right about the current digital media, our professionals make sure that your website can draw maximum visitors.

In a nutshell, Search engine optimization is an art of designing, industrializing, modifying and coding Web pages to achieve high rankings in the search results and grasp high user traffic to their webpage’s end. Search engines swiftlyvary their ranking algorithms with the passage of time but SEO fundamentals remain rigid throughout. We take into consideration all these ideas and make a flawless search engine optimization plan.


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