What Is The Digital Marketing (Online Marketing) And How It Work

Digital marketing is a term that is use to describe the targeted, quantifiable, and interactive advertisement of products or services that use latest digital technologies to reach and convert leads into potential customers.

Our objective

The key objective of our firm is to promote brands, build rigid preference and eventually surge sales through numerous digital marketing techniques. It is exemplified by a wide-ranging selection of product, service or a brand marketing tactics that uses the Internet as a principal promotional medium, followed by mobile and traditional Television and Radio.

Digital Marketing Concept

This concepts and practice are progressing immensely among some industries, especially in the leading enterprises among each industry exploiting the vast reach of digital tools and social media platforms, profiting from the opportunity to create individually personalized approach which can achieved at a very productive rate and whose return of Investment is a promising one.

Some of the digital marketing activities we collectively anticipate in our to-do list are as follows:
  • 1Search Engine Optimization
  • 2 Search Engine Marketing
  • 3 Social Media Marketing
  • 4 Content marketing
  • 5 Content Automation
  • 6 Campaign Marketing
  • 7 Influencer marketing
  • 8 E-Commerce marketing
  • 9 Display Advertising
  • 10 Various optical disks and games are all things that we include while reckoning on this marketing strategy.
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It also sometimes encompasses non-Internet channels that provide digital media like Mobile phones via SMS’s and MMS’s and on-hold mobile ring-tones. In other terms, Digital Marketing is the way of using digital channels to sponsor or market products and its services to potential clients and consumers.

What strategies do we implement?

We encourage for SMART goals while deciding on the incorporation of Social Media into our marketing strategy.

  • 1 S-Specific
  • 2 M-Measurable
  • 3 A-Attainable
  • 4 R-Relevant
  • 5 T-Time-bound
As this marketing strategy is depends completely on the latest technology that is rapidly evolving and fast changing in due course of time, the same features should be expected from digital marketing developments and strategies. This portion we include as our attempt to make the grade of or segregate various strategies for a triumphant endeavour on the grounds of Digital Marketing. Let us have a glance at SMART strategies that are broken down category wise in detail as follows:
1. Segmentation - Identify your target market: In the knowledge of targeting specific markets in both businesses to business and business to consumer sectors, segmentation derives majority of focus and concentration within this marketing strategy.

2. Influencer Marketing - Create a profile or Brand: When important nodes are identified within related communities, they are termed as influencers marketing. Influencer marketing is timely growing as an important perception in digital targeting. Influencer marketing is done through some paid advertisements (Campaign Marketing) like Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords campaigns, or even through sophisticated social customer relationship management CRM in brief, also software such as SAP, C4C, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM and Sales force CRM makes it possible to reach influencers market.
To précis, Pull digital marketing is characterized by consumers actively seeking Content marketing while Push this marketing strategy occurs when marketers direct messages without that content being actively pursued by the receivers.

3. Online Behavioural Advertising - have an insight to your customer’s behaviour:
Online Behavioural Advertising is a term that links to the practice of gathering information about a user’s activity online over a certain period of time, on a particular device and across diverse and distinct websites in order to provide such advertisements that are personalized to that particular user’s interests and preferences. So the behaviour is studied first, then tools of Digital marketing are applied by us.
4. Concerted Environment - Establish a peaceful and sound environment:
A concerted or collaborative environment can be made up between the organizations i.e. the technology service provider and several digital agencies to optimize effort, resource sharing, property of re-usability and two-way communications. A significant deliberation today while deciding the strategy is that the digital tools and tactics have democratized the promotional landscape of Digital Marketing.

E-Commerce A term vigorously publicized

The current market trend in which more and more people are attracted in an unstopping manner is E-Commerce websites. People opt for an online store (E-Commerce marketing websites) rather than a general website. Basically, it is an online medium for motivating trading and business. Here at REVOLUTION INFOTECH we have a highly skilled task force consisting adept web-developers and software specialists. We are accountable for creating countless online web-store by E-Commerce marketing technique for our customers, with whose faith and support we now summit the levels of prosperity. We are passionate and it is meticulously proven that when our clients knock on our doors for cherishing our E-Commerce marketing services, they are met with our best welcoming reward. We have always triumphed in offering best quality at affordable E-Commerce marketing services.

Facts : Around 235 million Indians have an access to Internet as per the record in early 2015. Majority of them are acute online shoppers. E-Commerce E-Commerce marketing is generally divided into
3 sections namely:
• Product Catalog : E-Commerce marketing website offers you to enter unlimited products using main and sub categories. By using the administrative login, you could add, delete or edit a product specifications or a product itself.
• Shopping Cart : This section adroitly allows potential customers to select more than one item from the E-Commerce websites product catalog. Total items and their respective costs are visible in real-time.
• Payment Gateway : This module allows your customers to make payments for their product online via a debit card, credit card or through Internet banking facilities.

Incorporating Open Source Customization successfully

• A new business carol that every organization desires to sing is to reduce costs. Reducing overall spending on Information & Technology is one of the most protuberant one among those. Business enterprises have learn from the experience of installing high-end dedicated software suites and falling prey to huge installation and migration costs, licensing fees and renewal costs - year after year. In this modern day scenario, most of the small and medium business enterprises have begun choosing an alternative of Open Source technologies like PHP /MySQL, etc.

• If you approach us with an urging need for Customization, we welcome you with open arms and bring whole project LIVE within days after running several tests followed by a paid support as and when required. We audaciously assure there wouldn’t be any need to come back to us with complain that is ignorantly unresolved.

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REVOLUTION INFOTECH can guarantee you that products or services like ours in the sector of Digital Marketing are hard to perceive elsewhere. Contact us now if you have a business idea in mind and want to materialize it jubilantly in this cosmic world of ours. We also avail tailored E-commerce marketing solutions & web site development programs to meet our customer’s needs and challenges, for their satisfaction is our key element to endeavour UN-traversed roads to success.


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