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Refunds Terms & Conditions

At Revolutioninfotech.com, we value our customers. We understand how hard you, our customers work to earn the money that enables you to do business with us. As such, we’ve invested heavily in offering you the best service possible when it comes to your orders.

Terms and conditions for Refunds and Reshipment

1. In Case if We failed to recover your whole website and we recovered then 30 pages then we can not refound your money in Terra Package Services

2. If We able to Recover more then 20 pages then refund will not be applied on Micro, Mega and Giga Packages.

3. We do Not Take guarantee that all images will recoved by us, in this case you can not demand for charge back. you will received full containt of that website.

4. Sometime Recover Files data are so havey then we provide Download link and also ship source code files in html format in the pendrive and if you are not able to download files pendive not working then you can not demand for charge back in this case we will ship your product again.

5. For orders shipped via the express shipment means, we offer to track.

6. We Ship website sources code files in pendrive with EMS shipment, you will receive sources files with in 10-12 working days..

Privecy Policy

1. We respect to our customers and We do not share our clinet data to any other parties for any perpose.

Payment Methods

1. We Accept Payment through PayPal and Western Union as per package.


Email: revolutioninfotech10@gmail.com
Support : +91 869 285 6506
Support : +1 (810) 309 0498


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